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appetizers price
bruschetta with tomato and garlic € 5,20
prawns in garlic-chilli sauce, bread (spicy) € 8,50
salmon, smoked with potato-leek rösti with herb cream € 11,90
soups price
tomato basil cream soup € 4,90
carrot-ginger soup € 5,40
salad variations with herbal yoghurt dressing or vinegar oil dressing price
salad leaves with fresh mushrooms, butter and bread € 8,50
salad leaves with fried chicken breast strips, butter and bread € 9,90
small side salad € 3,50
chanterelles - fresh variations price
chanterelle cream soup € 5,50
tagliatelle with fresh chanterelles in cream sauce € 11,90
argentinean rump steak with fresh chanterelles, grilled tomato, bacon beans, herb butter and potato wedges € 23,90
medallions of pork fillet with fresh chanterelles, Salad and potato wedges € 20,90
fresh chanterelles swirled in butter, with garlic dip and bread € 8,00
scrambled eggs with fresh chanterelles - toast € 9,50
meat variations price
argentinian rumpsteak about 200g with pepper cream sauce Herb butter, beans wrapped in bacon € 20,90
argentinian rumpsteak about 200g with stewed onions, Mushrooms, herb butter, salad € 21,90
turkey breast fillet baked with tomato and mozzarella Curry-chili sauce € 16,90
pork schnitzel "Hubertus" breaded with mushrooms and onions, salad side dish € 15,90
chili cream cutlet of pork with colorful salad € 14,90
filet pan "country house" Pork fillet, bacon wrapped beans, herb butter, hollandaise sauce € 18,90
burgers "type of house" about 150g beef patty, Dressing, salad, tomatoes and onions € 12,90
giant curry sausage with french fries salad side dish € 6,40
fish variations price
plaice fillet "Finkenwerder Art" fried in butter, with onion bacon, potatoes € 17,90
matjesfilet pot "Housewife Art" with onions, apples and cucumber in cream, fried potatoes € 10,90
pasta and wraps price
tagliatelle with cream mushrooms € 8,90
tortellini with basil tomato sauce and cheese gratin mozzarella € 9,50
wrap topped with: onions, tomatoes, ham cubes € 7,50
wrap topped with: onions, tomatoes, feta € 8,50
for the little ones or adults with a small appetite price
small escalope with french fries € 7,00
camembert with cranberry cream, toast and butter € 7,50
dessert price
frozen lemon € 5,90
quark mousse on fruit mirror € 5,70
vanilla ice cream with fruits of the season € 4,90